Looking for a room to rent

Hello LB’ers,

I’m looking to rent a room a bit closer to work as the long commute is grinding me down… does anyone have anything I might be interested in?

Three basic priorities:

  • Smoking should be allowed
  • Internet must be available and reliable
  • There’s gotta be somewhere to park my bike! (Will chain to lamppost if needed.)

Other than that, I’m pretty flexible on location and price, although I don’t really want to spend more than 500 pounds a month.

As a flatmate, I’m dead easy to live with. I clean up after myself and I’m friendly and tolerant of just about anything. As I’m also a Professional Computer Geek, consider your Tech Support sorted

That’s it really, please let me know if you have anything!

  • Stefan

Hope this helps:


also, www.gumtree.com is pretty good. I get all my lodgers from there.

all of them… how many have you gone through now

i was just thinking the same thing

Found somewhere, so this is a moot point now

well sheri has only the one… oh sorry thats your midnight caller…