Looking for a roofer !

Hi, am looking for a roofer to put down a couple of roof tiles that have broken. I have tried to seal them for now as water was coming through !!

Slim that I am, managed to climbed through the Velux onto the roof, however, as it is the first tiles from the ridge, they are cemented in…

NOTE… It is a converted attic room… so large roof ladders would be required.


oh, and Money, Food and drink all offered … Oh, I am in SM5 (Carshalton)


Pay as well?

Of course, keep the money in the LB family.

If y can’t find an L.B. I’ll drop you Billy’s number.

Ah! Where are you? Bill “don’t do north of the river”.

LOL…am south London, in Carshalton… Near Sutton… :slight_smile:

Billy’s Number please OLDGUY ?

Please don’t go clambering out your Velux again Amit… you might fall off the roof!

I have used CM roofing and Bill Small roofing, both good, both based in Croydon. You will need to google for their numbers though I dont have them to hand, sorry. Failing that try Checkatrade.

I’m not sure if Billy Humm does Carshalton but you could give him a try, 07879 883 254.