Looking for a new set of clothes! Jacket/trousers/boots

So after selling my beloved fzr400 that was blue I now own a gsf600 in red!

So my blue jacket/trousers no longer match and I look lik a twat!

I’m now after a full set in black, cheapish/waterproof/armoured/comfortable and yet look good,
Can anyone recommend somewhere? Or have an old pair lying around?

Let me know please :slight_smile:

i am selling a alpinestar leather jacket, details in for sale section

What’s the title? Can’t find it!

problem solved.

:slight_smile: Lol, your not helping much!


problem solved.

In Watford there’s that large store on the A41, they sell all sorts of makes,last years style etc for less money, also on line.

Pm me and ill find it for u. I get nearly all my gear from there.

I have black full leathers ladies size 16 for sale, but has yellow bits!

Is it George whites by any chance?


J&S they also sell their own brand stuff, well worth checking out, just past Costco, set back in a lay by, huge store I have spent thousands in there over the years, next to Tops Tiles

Picked up my son a red alpine star jacket, end of line £160 for £70 last year, (that was exceptionally cheap) but always worth popping in…

there’s a J&S in Eltham too if that’s any use. they are pretty damn cheap.

theprawn (14/07/2012)

there’s a J&S in Eltham too if that’s any use. they are pretty damn cheap.

Didn’t realise that, they started up north, you can’t beat them! In January you get an extra 10% off. :smiley:


Choprocker (14/07/2012)


Looks good, but its a little too sporty for my bandit. thanks anyway bud

I will have too have a look at J&S

what size are you have a full waterproof top and bottom and boots, gloves aswel was going to get rid of…

Size 10-11 shoe

XL jacket

probably L trousers

& M gloves…

Any pics?

Have Frank Thomas Boots in 11 worn few times
and Frank Thomas Jacket and Trousers in XL

I send ya over some pics when get a chance…

Have some gloves but all XL…

Ok well just checked my trousers. apparently their XXL :confused: Which cant be right!

Im 34" Waist 33"Leg +a little extra for comfort

pm sent

Thank you all for contacting me, but I gave into a pair I saw on ebay and got a cracking deal!

Thanks again