Looking for a garage for few hours - a bit last minute sorry


I’m looking for a good Samaritan who would allow me to use his garage for few hours. I’m pretty sure I will have all tools with me however more is always better.
The time of that favour would be this Sunday (or Saturday evening) or next weekend Saturday/Sunday at your convenience, preferably afternoon.
I hope the part will be delivered tomorrow, but you know how reliable is RM over public holidays, I need to mount the part but it will be a bit longer than 20 min so don’t want to do it on my drive.

As a return I can offer a hilarious stories from behind the eastern block curtain and any IT related favour and big “Thank You Sir or Madam”.


You’re welcome at mine. Metal shed so still a wee bit cold but it has a flood light and lots of space and paddock stands. No need to bring tools either :slight_smile:

What do you need to fit, I have a garage but it’s pretty tight in there.

Ps, the shed is for bike to car. Not sure what vehicle it is for

Sorry, stupid Pole forgot to put more details :slight_smile:

It is for a bike.
It is for no more than 2h (assume even less as 3 bolts and some cables)
Drill might be needed but this I will asses at home and may do all drilling required.

Reason for garage:

  • cover from elements (warmer is better)
  • have light if I f… something up (unlikely as I’ve said 3 bolts)

Job to be done:

  • sort out this ugly, long, cock tail tidy on my bike

Appreciate guys for replay. If this become some sort of “competition” (I know the eastern block stories are a temptation) closest is the better.


pop into my place. i have all the tools and drills needed :slight_smile:

Evilblade - you got the D3 tail tidy for the STR? If so, no drilling needed. Straight swop.

Well, is not about drilling into the tail tidy or God forbids bike!
It’s about licence plate in case holes will be in wrong places.

And yes it will be D3, cannot resist the lock, other ones was fair cheaper but well, I have enough body fat to survive on water for a months so :blush:


i’ve got a covered garage in west london. not sure where you are. no powerpoint though. :slight_smile:

Other way around :frowning: but thanks :wink:

I see what’s happend tomorrow, if the part will arrive I will be sending PM’s to you guys.

Thank you so much for your generosity


May i also suggest OMC to such a job. Garage, bench, all the tool and not expensive, plus the free tea makes it worth it.

my garage is available too ,power, light etc. sw london

Thank you very much all and I really appreciate your offers, I’m the problem in this plan, couldn’t wait till tomorrow :slight_smile: all is mounted and I’m ecstatic now :).

Again Thank you so much for offers!

And Happy Easter and uninterrupted Sunday :slight_smile: