Looking for a cheap contract killer?

Need to get rid of your wife lover, or that of your husband or indeed a very annoying pesturing friend?Don’t waste any money on contract killers, just leave an anonimous message with the American Army HQ telling them your “target” is having a dinner party at his house with a member of Al Queida, and trust the Americans to do the job for you, they’ll blow the place down and leave no evidences and provide the perfect alibi cover up, and hey presto

seriously this is not meant to be a sick joke but I am sick of these Americans doing f### up after f### up http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/4577578.stm

Dont use the americans, they’ll proberbly blow up the house down the street with “Friendly fire” and miss the wife completely. Best to tell the local Italian resterant tht your wifes starting a catering buisness in their area.


whats worse…

According to non US based news services, the people inside the building were actually shot first, then the Americans leveled the building in order to ‘cover up’ the mistake.

Was a bbc news source which had video footage of the wounds sustained.

we will never hear the truth.

Far too much bias in News agencies…