Looking for a CB500 or ZZR

I’m in the market for a Honda CB500 or Kawa ZZR 400 or 600. Looking to spend up to £2100.

Please get in touch.

I haven’t ridden a CB500, but know that the ZZR600’s are very good bikes and very reliable too.

Old, but low mileage: http://www.gumtree.com/london/27/6305327.html

Another one: http://www.gumtree.com/london/76/6289576.html

Very low mileage for an M-reg: http://www.gumtree.com/london/23/6300823.html

hey gg whatever you do dont get a cb500 thay are absolutely poop,i had a brand new one when my hornet was in for a service,man thay suck

Have you considered an SV btw? Ness is selling this bike http://londonbikers.com/forums/shwmessage.aspx?ForumID=39&MessageID=122447 which is a cracking bike for the money (she may even be willing to discuss the price), and you’ll have a good history on it (important when buying used bikes).

She’s a beaut, but unfortunately, not my team and sports, for me, is gonna be uncomfortable.

I’d love a CBR, but having tried them out, everything’s in the wrong position.

Ta for the other links though, very nice.


Gonna look at a Honda dealer tomorrow … watch this space.

I had a CB500 as my first bike and it was good as gold, granted when i rode on it after riding the gsxr for a year i couldnt belive how much less power there was, but im trying to buy my old one back to use as a winter hack

CB500s are great! Try racing one and you’ll be giggling like a school girl!!!

To race is a dream of mine, I must admit. The CB would just be a stop gap to get more road experience etc.

Thanx again for everyones advice.


Interested to hear what you found wrong about the CBR, was it an F or an RR as my Mrs wants my F . RR I can really understand but always though the position on a ZZR was very similar. Anyway wife can have my F when I get a blade .

I tried out a CBR600 and because it was a sports bike, I was stretch over the tank, the foot brake and the gear selector are behind you. Lovely bike but not for me.

Have now put a deposit down on a SV650 … woo hooooo! Big thanx to egypt220 @ Rex Judd in West Hampstead for letting me know about the bike.

well done on getting the new bike, good choice! just saw this thread - i work at colin collins in watford and we have a zzr600 very nice condition, and was in your budget!!


Congrats GridGirl! I bought my bike from Rex Judd and even though we had a mishap at the beginning they have been fabulous with after sale care so far.

Nice people to deal with and our thanx again to egypt220 for the heads up.

We owe ya a pint