Looking for a 950 SM

Have decided that I want one of these, but they are bl**dy hard to track down… Anyone got any contacts at a dealer that I could tap up / advice on where to look?

Weather is looking like it’s going to get better again and want to start having fun ASAP! :wink:

noticed this one?


Get a proper moto mate exc, smc. Lighter and more fun on bcr :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m watching it…

Thing is I’d quite like to chop in my Fazer as well so hoping for one from a dealer if poss. Nice bike mind.

Thought you’d pop up and say summat like that mate :wink:

Nah, I want something that can handle a bit of motorway as well.

I may be being stupid but bike trader has 47 of them? surely one will fit?

Get ktm 690 smc :slight_smile:

Go to http://www.thektmcentre.co.uk/ and test ride both as they have 690 smc and 990 smt demo bikes.

You mean in the print edition?

Search online for dealers within 100miles of london, I get 2, one is already sold, I checked (irritating, it was perfect), and the other’s done too many miles.

Looking further afield gets me nowhere near 47.

All this said. Was ogling a SuperDuke this morning… Hmmm.

Have you looked on piston heads yet.

whats your thing with dealers? When I was looking for a bike, the one’s at dealers were no where near as tidy as the private one’s.

If you get a 1 owner, low mileage bike it really makes no difference what so ever



what?? :stuck_out_tongue:

I just got one a few weeks back, pretty hard to get one from a dealer with low miles and a decent price. I kept an eye on the ktm forum for sale section and picked one up there…



Yeah, I’m checking there and Piston Heads daily now…

Lovely innit. Bit out of my price range though…

Leon: Thanks for all the patronising comments fella, wouldn’t be a forum without them, but it’s not the first bike I’ve bought. The hassle of flogging the Fazer privately just isn’t worth a couple of hundred quid to me if I can avoid it.

Cheers all. Bit of patience, summat will turn up I’m sure…