Looking for a 125cc bike

I’m looking for a 125cc bike, ideally geared but would consider a scooter. To be used for commuting and general riding around town. Budget of a grand, ideally less (duh).

Seen loads of Chinese bikes and bikes ragged by ignorant kids on bay, looking to see if we have anything going in the community?

Know of anything? Cheers!

about to stick susie’s VanVan on ebay but its a bit more than your budget (its worth 1500). It needs its first MoT and she hasn’t got around to sorting it so its up to muggins here to arrange before it goes on next week.

they hold their value really well so might work out cheaper in the long run?


There is a rather large amount of enthusing going on here right now Ben, thanks :slight_smile: Let’s talk…

goddamn I love the look of those bikes. it’s the rear tyre that does it for me

Hi Jay,

If you’re willing to travel there’s plenty of bullet proof CG125s around the 500-700 mark. They may have some war wounds but they are pretty cheap fix ‘fix’. Avoid the CBR125 which I had, very slow. The Suziki mentioned above is pretty nippy, I suspect you’ll find plenty of those second hand far cheaper than mentioned (though older/more knackered)

GOod luck mate. Biking isn’t cheap though. Realistically spending less than 2k will mean taking several compromises unfortunately. If you’ve got biker mates (or a forum full or randoms) and are mechanically handy, you’ll be able to save a few quid.

I have a Wuyang 125 on sale for £550… 58 plate, about 150 miles.

TeamMCS (12/09/2010)

haha he might know one or two - he’s the one who created and runs this forum :wink:

and some of us are very random :hehe:

johnnybravo (12/09/2010)

D’oh, should have read a little closer.


Cheers but we’re looking for something with a little style :slight_smile:

Bought this for the girlfriend. They go for between £400-£800 (hers is a '99 year and we paid 4).

Also, most importantly, it clutches up nicely with a pinned throttle in 1st :smiley:

Suzuki GS125