looking for 400 sport CBR, VFR GSXR etc. I am sure you guys know what I meant.


just like the subject, I am looking for a 400 sport bike at about £1500 and a cup of tea, i know it isn’t much but I am thinking i might as well try my luck.

probs get a decent vfr for that money

My friend’s got a ZXR400 up for rehoming as of two days ago!!! It’s not actually his: it belongs to one of HIS friends who emigrated a couple of years ago and couldn’t decide on what to do with it. Women, huh (she managed to ship her shoe collection no problem)? LoL. Consequently, it’s done sod all miles other than to and from the MOT garage in the past few years. It’s been really well maintained as my friend races a couple of the ZX’s and he know’s them intimately and is a good amateur machanic.

It’s going to be in your budget. If you’re interested, PM me with you contact details and I’ll pass them on.

My wife hasn’t been getting on well with her ZZR400, her bad back and the hunched race posture just haven’t turned out to be a good combo. Real shame, as it’s a pretty good bike. :frowning:

1993 model, basically a sleeved down version of the ZZR600E. That’s the slightly later fairing design with ram air intake. Has front brakes replaced with the Nissins (stock ones are naff), recently had new chain/sprocket. It’s not in perfect nick, it’s 20 years old, has a couple of scuffs, scratches, fairing cracks as you expect. Nowt serious, cracks are generally very small near bolts holding them. Downpipes/exhausts are stainless and in good nick, no rust/holes etc. Just fitted brand new R&G bobbins. Wheels would benefit from a trip to powder coaters (~£60), seat has been cut down low and has a tear (another on ebay will cost you ~£30). Rear tyre only has a 1000-2000 miles tread left on it. Grey import (obviously), clocks in Km, has about 30,000 Km odd on it (will have to double check exactly). Either way, runs very well, fun ride, open it up and it’ll hit a tonne with ease. MOT/Tax until about May 2014 (will double check). Super cheap insurance etc. Will get about 45mpg.

As I say, wife has only had it couple of months, but it’s not working out, she’s needs something more upright for commuting. Just want to cut our losses and get money back we paid. So to a London Biker, will take £800 for it.

FZR400RR 3TJ - it’s been a resto project with an eye to riding it once it’s done because I’ll look to do a resto on my other 3TJ. I’ve just about finished it with but a fork seal started to let go. Sooo I’ve just about gone right through the bike, New battery, reg rec, filters, brake pads + fluid, levers, cables, gaskets for covers sump and cam cover. I’ve restored the fairings and sprayed the top fairing. Added the can, mirrors, tank, loom, and a load of other bits as needed. I’ve cleaned and sprayed all the parts as I’ve gone along. I did the vale tollerances, clean / balanced the carbs, reset the exup, cleaned all through the clutch and sump too. I was in this months Practical Sportbikes (just a little pic) under Fettling. I’m not in a hurry to sell. Pic as of yesterday

3 very nice options there. I’d opt for the ZZR myself.

Hi Dan, do you mind if I don’t use the self-affectation?:wink: Have you tried looking at http://www.400greybike.com/ Mine of information and a good few sales of bikes owned by board members, not me I hasten to add!

Good luck in you search, my missus runs an NC24 early VFR400 and I think it’s a cracking little bike, they are cheap as chips too.


I’d go ZXR myself.

The ZZR600 is a very capable bike, but the CBR of the same age had it for breakfast - much stronger acceleration and a lot lighter (that said John Reynolds won the 1990 BSS championship on one). The ZZR400 uses exactly the same frame and running gear as the ZZR6, and basically runs a sleeved down motor. So you end up with a 400 lump in something that weighs near as dammit 200kg dry, and was designed for an engine running about 100bhp (which the 400 doesn’t - a little over half that). If you want a mental fast great handling sports 400, the ZZR doesn’t really hit the mark imo, and thats from putting a lot of miles on a 1998 600.

The ZXR, however, weighed about 160 dry, and kicked out about 10% more power as standard. Being a ZXR rather than a ZZR, I believe that it had better suspension. The ZZR series make absolutely great sports tourers for low insurance, and the 600 is not slow and handles alright (once you’ve replaced all the springs and oil), but for a sports bike, imho, it doesn’t cut it. (500 bhp per drytonne for the ZZR6, 400 for the zxr and 275 for the ZZR4, 294/216/161 with fluids and fat bloke on board).

No idea on the FZR, but having had the ZZR6 open more times than I care to remember, I would prefer the kwak. I’d imagine the FZR was more akin to the ZXR than the ZZR.