Looking decent bike servicing

Can anyone point me in the direction of a company i’ve seen previously recommended on here, who do bike servicing, offering a pickup service and do work on KTM’s, The name escapes me at the mo and I cant find the name using a search! Many thanks
Ed B

http://www.sbkcity.co.uk/ SBK City do that I think. I’ve not had my bike serviced there, I did have a free dyno and they helped me fit an exhaust after I fouled the job up. Maybe some other LBers have an opinion with regards to servicing there.

Essential Rubber are good also. I go to Chiswick Honda as it’s near and I collect service book stamps.

been there. one of the better places in london to go :slight_smile:

You could try asking Adz as well. He does all my servicing/fixing. Picks up and drops off as well. Highly recommended… :wink:

Yeah ads from admoto is who you’re thinking of I believe…

Yeah that sounds about right! Cheers for all the info and recommendations guys!