The number of willing partecipant is growing, as we are less than a week away, please lets sort the maybe’s and what if’s from the definite and kindly add your name to the list in this thread.

Muchas Gracias, Obrigado, Danke Shone, Merci Beacoup and Bob’s your uncle.


Can’t really do friday but I’m thinking for going to Box Hill on Sunday with a few others, anyone else is welcome to come along.

Ok guys we now have about 10 defiinte and a few maybe’s

This message is for all those who are joining us on this ride:

Dear friends, I can’t stress enough the following statement:

The intention of this ride is to have a safe, sensible and fun day out, those who take place will be responsible for their own actions and must have in mind the safety of the other riders and vehicles as well as their own at all times

We don’t expect to have people showing off or riding to impress beyond their abilities.

This is not a race and those who will attempt to ride in a dangerous manner will be kindly asked to continue their ride away from the group and on their own.

Myself and Gixxer-Steve who are organizing and heading this ride will not accept any responsibility for people binning their bikes through their own fault and I declare that this forum is in no way responsible for eventual accidents as it serves only the purpose of displaying the intention of our get together and the organization of the ride. I am of the understanding that all your bikes are insured, taxed and roadworthy otherwise you might as well stay at home and have your easter egg instead

Our tail gunner is a certified first aider and will carry a first aid kit which is meant only for minor cuts and grazes. Anything bigger will be dealt by professional paramedics and lets hope we won’t need to resort to that.

Look forward to see you all on BoxHill 09:45am sharp - the rides starts at 10:00am, we will wait the customary 15 minutes for late arrivals anything after that is considered a no-show and we are off.

I dont think its appropriate to call the guys that came off that ride “have a go heros”, you certainly wouldnt call them that to their faces… These things happen and at no point did anyone talk about holding the forum responsible. I suggest you keep your attitude and opinions to yourself when refering to people who came off their bikes…

“those who will attempt to ride in a dangerous manner”

You don’t attempt… you do

As it’s starting from Box Hill, why not post it on the www.boxhill.co.uk Forum…? oops sorry you can’t . Describing someone who had an accident who is a member on this forum as a “have a go hero” is way out of line, especially coming from a moderator!

“This was needed because on a previous bank holiday ride we had 2 “have-a-go” heroes who wrote off their bikes and their mums, gf or wives tried to have a go at us cause they binned their bike while on a group ride.”

I was one of the ‘have a go heroes’ who binned their bikes. Simply going round a corner to fast and hit a oncoming car head on. Fortunately I was fine (apart from a sore thumb) but the bike was a write off, as was the car.

At no point did I blame anyone apart from myself, how could I as I was the only one in control of my bike. As for wives, girlfriends and mums having a go, thats bllcks and if I don’t get an apology for it, the next time I see you I’ll ram my fist down your throat!!

All of this coming from one of the most dangerous riders I have ever had the dis-pleasure to ride with, (I don’t care if you say that you’ve never come off, you’re a danger to anyone near you). Like I said, I want an apology and I’m sure Monks (the other ‘hero’) would like one as well.