Look what the cat dragged in!

Finally made up my mind and picked this bad boy up today. Really excited to get it broken in and enjoy the remaining weeks of Summer.

The misses is already complaining i don’t look at her the way I stare at it so divorce proceedings might be on the way soon.

Screen and tail tidy replaced, but the darn thing uses torx for every facking bolt so couldn’t add the crash bobbins. With my bad luck I need to be getting that sorted ASAP.

Already got blighted by one of the sales guys, as am pulling off, he shouts take it easy on those new tyres…next gentle left hander as I go over the white line…sliippp :poop: :poop: :cry: so gonna be taking it extra easy until those tyres gives me confidence.


Congrats @kcoops! Hope to seeing you at a meet up with the new steed!

Superb. Well done

Nice one @kcoops, great choice. What a beast, and now you have an excuse to splash out on a whole new set of tools as well! (Welcome to the bmw/KTM torx club).

Thank god for traction control eh! Good job you didn’t end up like this guy:

BMW are ahead of the game in the running in area, they put a limiter in place to stop you damaging the engine, so you can just wang it until it stops with worrying about the engine, and then when it’s serviced you can join the “ohmyflippinggod!” Club :slight_smile:

Noice! Yep BMW and KTM love Torx.

Yeah you pay out your arse for all that bloody advancement :joy: all worth it.

Already got the break in service booked, I am being optimistic but gonna try and put at least 100 miles per day for the next few days, granted the weather is great and get it sorted next week. By then the tyres should also be in decent shape.

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