Look what i just did ,what a plonker

Took the bike out after a winter layover and fogot to remove the disc lock when i wheeled it out

I feel gutted at the moment .

Does anybody have any resin a small bit of fibre and some jelcoat lying about . Dont want to spend £40 on a repair kit then £20 on gell coat ant use 1/10 th of it .

I bought small fibreglass kit on fleabay for less than £10

at least you didn’t drop it like i did once or it didn’t take a chunk out of your cover like my own has



Feel for ya !!!

ouch, feel for ya

bright side least you didnt drop it and hopefully no one saw ya.

dont you have the disc lock reminder cord? Anna did the same and i used some rope as a cord. no more probs :slight_smile:

doh !

Just bought one, Could have saved myself a lot of hastle for £1.75 :frowning:

Like I have said countless times … Disclocks more damage caused, than bikes ever stopped being stolen . Nowt but a way of locking your wheel still , makes it a handy carry handle for throwing it in a van .

Meh I even missed that and ended up with the bike sideways… never a guarantee it will remind you unless you pass it through the brake lever as well!!!

Not just me who has done this then… Phew!

Did it outside a friends house, sent the bike over and had to ask for a hand to lift it up …

I was more than a tad embarrassed… But thankfully only my ego was damaged!

Oh bugger springs to mind :angry:

Oops!!.. I feel for ya mate!!!..

Some of us have done it 2-3 times… :Whistling:

I’ve forgotten a couple of times even with the cord attached. No damage though, as I would start off quite slow. The cord snapped eventually, but I seem to be in the habit of taking it off first.

I now have two on, one on the front and one on the rear disc, after seeing footage of a bike being loaded into a van. They seemed to lift the front and roll the bike towards the van, then lifted the rear to push it in, so I thought two locks might at least make them lift the whole fecking thing at once.

Would quite like to get an alarm fitted too though. Anything you can do to make their life harder I guess.

Interestingly, no disc lock, tracker or anything reduced my insurance quote lower than the quote with the yamaha immobiliser fitted as standard, so I left the locks off the insurance completely.

mate my fluorescent reminder is a thick cable that goes over the throttle… if you can get on a bike, not notice the throttle has an uncomfortable thing coiled round it and attempt to ride off then it is too EARLY for you, and you should not be getting on the thing!!! how does passing it through the brake lever make a difference? do you try and brake before you have even gone anywhere?? :hehe: or with a SM do you check everything is actually still attached to the bike since you last rode it :P:laugh:

i used to have a small piece of duck tape stuck to the side of my disc lock and when i put it on the disc i put the piece of tape over the ignition key hole. if you forget you put it on, you cant get the key in the ignition and you remember why. remove the lock and stick the tape to the lock again for next time. :slight_smile:

That’s a decent idea Tim… Bit of an oxymoron coming up with such an ingenious idea to protect yourself from being a total wally though :stuck_out_tongue:

All fixed now . Small carbon patch at the back and resin replaced at front . Just needs final polish when i find my dremmel. Must say i’m happy with the results