look what i found on gumtree add

:DHi this is Alistair Darling,

I have lost computer discs with 25m people’s personal details on them. The child benefit data on them includes names, ages, bank and address details.

The Information was on 2 CDs.

National insurance number
Name, address and birth date
Partner’s details
Names, sex and age of children
Bank/savings account details

Two password protected discs containing a full copy of HMRC’s entire data in relation to the payment of child benefit was sent to the NAO, by HMRC’s internal post system operated by the courier TNT.

The package was not recorded or registered. It appears the data has failed to reach the addressee in the NAO.

The police tell me that they have no reason to believe that this data has found its way into the wrong hands.

The police are not aware of any evidence that it has been used for fraudulent purposes or criminal activity.

Please if you find these can you send them to 10 Downing Street, London, SW1.

There may be a reward of a free trip on the London Eye for the safe return of these CDs.