Look at what crawled up outside my work and parked in my space!!

Wow!!! I’d love to have a go in that :w00t:

Wacthed Topgear when they made Captain Slow aka James May take it round the VW test track, loved the fact that he went so fast that when he was slowing down he went to open the door to get out only to realise he was still doing about 60 lol

Reckon it belongs to someone famous?

Its funny how the world’s fastest car is often seen being driven so sloooooooow. :smiley:

OOO that is rather tasty. We saw this one at GFOS on Sunday. It’s chrome…



hahaha brilliant for british weather…it will rust in no time :smiley:

bit like your gixer:D

Harsh Tug! :stuck_out_tongue:

tugs only jealous cos he’s getting to old for speed so instead he has to get tattoo’s to make himself feel young and alive :stuck_out_tongue:

What is it? Is it one of those Buggatti Veyrons or whatever you call it?

ugly fugger innit?:w00t:

yeah but you wouldnt wanna leave it in a supermarket!

Some fuggin amazing cars there.

hope ya didnt look directly at the veyron alex or ya might of cracked it

That’s nice isn’t it!

Shauna, he’s picking on me… (now you’re in for it! :hehe:)

ya big pussy fight ya own battles

Cheers that you like it, had to pop to Browns today for a current portfolio update / review with my broker. :D:D:D

meh…its a car:D

i prefur older supercars. lambo countash, diablo ferrari f40/f50 355

Polished aluminium actually :cool:
It was kind of weird as you could almost not look at it in the sun.

hubba hubba!

I’d buy that for a dollar! :smiley:

It’ll still get stuck in traffic tho’ :stuck_out_tongue: