Look at this!

This is for sale near me, shame I haven’t done my test yet. very nice :slight_smile:


Get a knowledgeable mate to test ride it - if it’s ok then buy it and mothball it for when you pass. :slight_smile:

yes that sounds like a plan! you could have it ready for the summer!! :smiley:

That is a good idea. Is it not a big bike for a newbie though?I don’t know any bikers down here :frowning: …actually i do :w00t:

yep It is a bit full on as a first bike - something less focused (like a bandit) would be better for learning your core skills and getting your core road experience on - then when you get something like the gixxer you’ll be ready to enjoy more of it’s potential. :slight_smile:

yer thats what i thought, just wish i could go straight onto the bigger bikes!

Someone said a honda vrf400 is a good first bike?

Patience grasshopper! ;):smiley: Seriously though - I know what you mean - but a bike with a broader range of abilites like a hornet or fazer can be a lot more fun to ride in the ‘real world’ - e.g. a hornet is a right laugh all of the time - whereas a more focused sports bike can be sensational in the right circumstances and conditions but at other times can be a bit of pain - e.g when commuting and doing normal stuff - in my personal opinion anyway. :slight_smile:

hornet or fazer eh. georgeyboy has a fazer doesn’t he? Not sure what a hornet looks like. will have to look into them. Can’t wait. woopieeeeeeeeeeeeee :slight_smile:

The world is your oyster. :wink:

Bunch of whimps!

There’s no such thing as a big that’s too big. Only bikes that are too big for the insurance company, too big for the ego, too big for the leg measurement.

You can drive a Ferrari or a McClarenM6B slowly. (Google that) I’ve done both. (The M6B was a dog.)

Thn problem I see, apart from the insurance, is that Peacehaven is on the highly corrosive south coast.

Needs careful checking. If all is o.k., you’ve got a future “classic”. you just have to keep it for ten years.

ohh very niice looks very simaler to a mates gixxer 6 stunt bike that i fliped a while ago:long story but lucky for me it was off road :w00t: