Look at Some of the best roads close to home!

Have a look at the attached image. This is near Harlow which is just off junction 7 of the M11. On the map check out all the white roads! The roads that are good I have put inside my dodgy red painted line. Now this is near high beach I am sure some of you know it. I went up to these roads with a big group from the visordown motard site. These roads really are very very good. I have been up there a few times so far on my own and I lost a hole day from just riding about 5 hours and 130 miles of twisties! You really just can keep turning left and right it’s just endless good fun.

I am thinking that this could maybe if we speak to Jay turn into a London bikers ride out. Stop off for a bit of pub food etc. It’s not far either round the M25 and up the M11. Defo worth a visit.

One Sunday make a day of it!



Sounds good to me fella, I’m all for exploring the local roads. The trouble right now will be picking a nice and sunny day for it! It’s forecast rain for the next two weeks, so we’ll have to wait until after then. Someone needs to scout a route out and ensure it’s plod/diesel/car-free!

The weather is pretty bad isn’t it. That area has no speed cameras but can have the ocasional plod. However there aren’t the sort of roads you can do 100mph on they are more twisty challenging so when you do meet old bill you ain’t going too fast. The only camera on the way up there is on the A1 when yoru heading for the M25 apart from the gasto free.

I have also just brought one of those AA maps with all the camera locations in so I can check it out.

It would deffo be worth planning a route though and laying out which roads we are gonna use to make sure we don’t lose anyone.

Did you ever get out to these roads guys? They are pretty good considering how close to London they are. I’m often in Harlow for the North Weald drag racing (thats cars & bikes, not men in dresses). Only 30mins from Blackwall Tunnel.

Also tend to go the long way round Romford, Chigwell when the misses in tow on her 125 upto Chipping. Can get busy but the B184 to Finchinfield is pretty quick - with a couple of humps in the road for getting both wheels off the ground, albeit by a few mm but good fun.