Longest distance on a bike?

It’s about that time of year when I start to think about a Euro trip.

I once rode back from Monza to Calais in 9 hours which included wasting about 1 hour when an Alpine pass was closed. :angry:

What’s the longest distance or most hours you’ve ridden in a day?

Ive ridden about 300 miles in one day thats all.

400 miles, Harrow to Le Mans.

question been asked before :smiley:

so what!? ive done over 550 miles in the last 30 hours! :smiley: knebworth -> leeds -> mallory -> ‘creative’ LB Dunstable rideout :D:D:D

550 miles, London to Clermont, Left home 5.30 arrived 16.30. Back the next day.

I remember what felt like the longest journey.

South London to Aintree, Liverpool on a Vespa 150 Sportique in 1963/64 ? over a long, long Friday evening.

But I ha d a great weekend and the Sunday afternoon return was a buzz.

Le Mans to NW London in one hit… less a speding ticket, ferry crossing and waiting for Dudette to be collected by recovery!

480 to west coast of Ireland done every year for 8 years-there and back,but going to Hungary next Saturday. First stop 500 miles from calais to Sth Germany. So 595 from the Ace to Hotel in Germany. The Ironbutt www. gives good tips on long distance travelling on a bike - 1000miles plus.

347miles on the LB france trip this year, two up.


794 miles Toulon > Twickenham, 15 gentle hours.


My longest trip was to Luxemburg, not sure of the mileage, back in 1996. 80 viragos went on that trip


Calais to Milau via the twisties…took us 17hours with an hour lunch break and fuel stops!

1200km (+/-745 miles) Benoni to Port Elizabeth, South Africa

I think 600 in one day was my record. Literally fell off the bike when I got to the end though :frowning:

Yesterday - did 45 miles to Chelmsford from SW London…then back via StReatham. No tickets, one Golf GTi suitably spanked on the A12 and a whole loada fun!

Not very impressive bit I enjoyed it.

west london to fort william in a 10 hours, 540 miles and it pissed down from london to manchester.it was well worth it , the roads in scotland are excellent

350 miles from Liverpool to Cornwall.:slight_smile: mindyou last week i did 1300 miles in 6 days.:smiley:

I did Northampton to Berlin in one day a few years ago. Covering c. 800 miles including the one and a half hour detour in Belgium when I got lost. It took me 14 hours, maintaining 100+ mph between stops once I’d got onto the autobahns, on my old Triumph Trophy 900.

I literally rode until the bike was on reserve; stopped to fill up; take a pee; bolt down a sandwich; down a can of coke; and I repeated this process five times. I left Northampton at 11.00am and arrived at my destination in Berlin at 1.00am the following morning. I was absolutely banjaxed at the end of it, and had the pleasure of repeating the journey in reverse a few days later, including getting lost in Belgium once again!

Not far. Only about 350m.

(But it seems like a lot longer on a 250, or that’s my excuse:) )