Long Way Up!

Well they have announced the new instalment of the Long Way series, so after Round, Down it’s now Up.


With Charlie Boorman a Triumph Ambassador, and Ewan McGregor a Moto Guzzi Ambassador it’ll be interesting to see what bikes they’ll use as both have adventure bikes", or will they go with BMW again?

Would be great to see the camera man Claudio von Planta return as well. The three worked together well.

I have to say having watched the other series when they where broadcast this is something that has grabbed my attention. I’m going to really interested to see how it plays out.

Well that was unexpected! Good on them. Looking forward to the details :slight_smile:

They’ll ride whatever sponsor makes the best offer.

Yes, I suspect you’re right. I reckon that BMW will come out tops again, they’ll provide the bikes and all the specialised backup.

When you factor in the carnival of back up mobile spare parts trucks, mechanics, medics, welfare, childcare and elastoplast handlers its hardly an adventure anymore.

I’d like to see them deal with an Iron Butt SS1000 (gauntlet thrown)

Yes! Can’t wait for this!