Long Way Up is using electric bikes

Great showcase for electric bikes, but a pretty dumb reason to use them. Would’ve been nice for them to use like GS310’s.

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What’s the dumb reason?

To showcase. As in “electric bikes are good, look at us use them”

Be interesting to see how they charge them and how long it takes.

diesal generator in the back of the one of the 20 or so diesal support vehicals


Plus multiple fully charged identical bikes in the van/various stop off points

Support vehicle are Rivian electric pickups apparently. But yes I’ll be interested to see how they cope with 100 mile range of the bikes

Never heard of them before - 400+ mile range if they use the best battery pack

Very cool! Easy to charge electric cars, even easier to charge electric bikes (you can bring a bike into a building :slight_smile:). They won’t need generators.

It’ll be a challenge for them though still, the same as if they were using petrol bikes. That said in some ways choosing electric will be make their lives easier as the bikes will be simpler so there’s less to go wrong. On the other hand they won’t have as much range so will have more stops, as you can’t strap-on additional battery packs like you can additional cans of petrol!

Suppose at least there’s no risk of filling up with some dodgy watered down mix of electricity from a dodgy roadside seller, and no risk of electricity splashing out of the tank into your eyes when filling up…

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I hope they’ve got surge protection on them, some power supplies even in Europe aren’t the most consistent.

Can’t wait for this!
Although surprised about the electric bikes!