Long Way Round

My wife got me the “Long Way Round” DVD for Christmas…along with Faster and Faster 03-04.

Ewan McGregor is a lucky sot…that trip looked like EPIC fun.

I watched them all last Christmas…

Yep what a journey and i bet BMW sales increased 10 fold after that.

Was a great series, watched when it was on Skyone during the year. Would love to have a crack at doing it, just don’t think I’d get the same freebies as they did. lol

What an adventure, but i doubt they would have made it without the help of all the crew behind the camera. Trucks, 4x4 offroaders…etc Still, was a pleasure to watch!

If you liked that then try reading “A Long Way To Go” about a chap who rode from India back to Blighty (thanks santa )

I’ll have a look for this book…My mother in law gaveme a $50 gift card for Barnes and Noble.

I had not heard of the “Long Way Round” show until very recently…I caught a single episode, I don’t recall what channel I was watching at the time…it caught my eye and I was hooked.

Fantastic adventure…if only we could all be fortunate enough to ask for (and receive) BMW “gimmes” and all the other logistical support like that, right? LOL

Make sure you have the new DVD… the original has 6 or 7 episodes, the new DVD has 10 with footage never seen on the original.

Keep your eyes peeled for Charley Boreman doing the Dakar in January…

Dakar starts tomorrow and is being aired on Eurosport

if you liked the long way around then you should check out “terra circa” and “mondo enduro” both done by normal people with no backup and no support from the bike industry, those guys did it the hard way!


Hope there are less casualties than last year.

Yup amazing adventure. I read the book and watched the series enjoyed it immensley!

I got the Long way around because it was the best thing my Tescos 24hr had on the shelf, then i couldn’t put it down and had to watch it all in the same day, watching the last 4 eps at 4am killed me at work the day after.

Allow eating balls though

I think I may watch it now I got the old one though

I wish I could do that trip I fancy going for a 3 day ride to france or somewhere anyone wanna come

I’d like to go on the ferry to France and go along the north coast, taking in the scenery and go to Normandy and see the WW2 stuff and the beaches. I’ve flown across them on my way to Jersey a while ago and you can still see the Mullbery harbours they brought across.

Be wicked to see.