Long time

Feel terrible not being on here for so long…moved to Shropshire and had loads of jobs here so been a mental time. Miss the Londonbikers form down South but the roads here are fantastic.

Been with Alison to test drive a Daytona 675r and Street Triple R, both great bikes but I am definitely a sportsbike person, loved the way the Daytona dropped into corners and the exhaust note was addictive.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the spring weather

Blimey. Petts Wood to Shropshire. That’s almost emigrating. (Good choice for relocation though. Lovely county)

Just because you’re out of the bikers hell of London doesn’t mean you are excommunicated.

Keep well.

Good to hear you’re still alive and well mate! Welcome back! :slight_smile:

+1 :stuck_out_tongue:

But Shropshire? Is that even a real county? Sallopshire renamed? Oop north somewhere I guess :wink:

Shut up and eat your sand! :smiley:

Cheers folks.

We’d love to see a bunch of LBers up here sometime for some rideouts, Ponderosa on the Horseshoe pass is a good one from here.

Wow some awesome roads around there. Lucky bugger

They are unbelievable roads, my ride to work is full of twisties and a favoured raod for bikers…love it so much