Long time lurker - Chiswick

Hello all
I’ve been reading the forum for a long time but don’t really post. I attended my first ride out on 21 April and had a great time so am looking to attend a few more over the summer.

Was wondering does anyone commute from west London to Croydon and if so, does anyone have any tips?


I don’t think web page proof reading is the right calling for you.

You’re right! That’s what 10 days off with no work to think about does to you!

Let’s do an Ace Cafe meet soon



Cheers Kev will do. A belated welcome to LB.

speaking of Ace cafe, newbie night this monday, come along and say hello, just up the road after all. be good to see you there.:slight_smile:


Hi and welcome!



Hi and welcome :smiley:


Regarding your question, I used to commute from Croydon to Brook Green for 18 months. North End road is a bit of a pain, but apart from that, let it rip.

Ello and welcome neighbour!