Long Journeys

Hey guy’s,

I’m loving the commute into town on my supermoto, even with the rear-end pain caused by 25 minutes of riding. Anyway this got me thinking, how far do you guys travel on your bikes? Do you go for long ride-outs that involve motorway miles??? I’ve seen an advert for a company that run’s a weekend (or week) of supermoto riding in the Tuscan valleys and really fancy having a go. You can hire a bike or use your own, which is what I’d want to do, it just seems like a long journey from London to Tuscany to do on a supermoto…

Any thoughts?


Well the most miles I have ever done in a day on a bike was just over the thousand. My commute to work is about 15 each way. I do tend to hoon around for 150 to 300 miles at weekends when I get time to go play. I have ridden across france to Folembray a couple of times, got there for lunch and hooned the track for the afternoon. Not sure of mileage but was over 500 in the day.

You should have no worries travelling down to tuscanny, the rench drivers are a sociable bunch and just get out of the way usually. Plan the route, better to go off motorway, its cheaper and more fun.


Did you do those miles on a supermoto or sports??? I did a trip upto Scotland once on my CBR (armchair) which was bareable, I just wondered how people found long trips on supermotos??? I think the idea of finding routes other than motorways is a good idea, however I think I might got lost with all that map reading. Maybe it’s time to invest in one of those PDA GPS map readers…


Furthest I have done on my SMC was about 175 miles and thats was pain

But I regularly do fairly respectable mileages pain free, yesterday for instance I did 60 miles in 1 stint round some half decent roads and I felt fine. It makes a lot of diff what kind of road your on too. M-ways are a nightmare, cos there is nothing to do but sit and suffer and not a lot of room to move around. On twistier roads though you can go for longer without pain cos your constantly shifing side to side, forward/backward. Also the seat makes a big diff, my Duke II seat was actually quite comftable, where as the SMC is narrower and harder, but then again not even in the same planet of pain that is a 525 seat

If your still running in I would avoid M-ways anyway, not good to sit at contant revs for too long.

I picked my ktm up from Bath and rode it back to London mostly on the M’way, it was a nightmare. I’ve got used to the seat but still don’t want to ride it on the m’way.

I did an assesment ride with a rospa groups a few weeks ago on it. It was a pleasure and pain experience. Nasty ride to the meeting point, down the M23, great ride out blatting arround A and B roads, then a A road thrash home. Guess I covered 100+ as I had to fill it up.

One thing I’ve noticed is that they are easier to ride when there on or off the power, as oppossed to constant throttle position, which seems to be when the vibes set in.

I did the thou miles in a day on a heap of crap GSXR600F, probably the worst bike I have ever owned.

I have done most of my long journeys on a ZX7 - not exactly what most people would call comfortable, but, if you get in the correct position its an easy mile muncher.

Now I ride the 636 B2 version. I have done over 300 miles at a stretch and been perfectly fine at the end of it.

Obviously sitting up on a Super Moto will cause you wind blast that you won’t get on a sports, more of your weight will be on your backside as opposed to wrists though. As I say, plan the route carefully and you should have loads of fun. There are plenty of villages away from the Motorways to have a break in if required, at least not being on the Motorway allows you this luxury.

As for a PDA or GPS malarchy, still cant beat the good old map mate. Good chance for an impromtu break is to stop and have a look at it.