long distance touring help

eg: those folks who trot out to the millau bridge etc.

Google maps can’t keep up with all the waypoints to give me a distance. If I was to take this route to Munich: http://g.co/maps/bqj84 how far could you guess that would be and how many days should I plan for it? Ta muchly.

970 miles, riding 9 to 5 will take you about 2.5/3 days according to microsoft autoroute, but that’s without taking into account fuel and rest stops so say 4 days to do it reasonably comfortably

Calais to Cochem, Cochem to Titisee, Titisee to Zell am see takes me 3days, people that ride with me know I ride at a moderate pace and have plenty breaks.
3days will be more than enough for your little jolly, enjoy.

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use viamichelin planner thatgives you options like quickest/shortest/motorways/non motorways plus you can put price of fuel in I work to euro 1.50 for planning purposes nver too far out, so it works fuel and toll costs plus can find hotels etc as well


I think the comfort of the bike, speed, tank range, boat or tunnel and motorways can play a big role.

I was able to travel to Munich in two days starting not too far away as you will be, riding dawn to dusk (well finding and stopping at a hotel before it was dark anyhow) with fuel, mini walks and meal drink pit stops, so add a third day to final destination?

970 miles. humm, add 30 more and go for the Iron Butt Award?


I did Saarbruchen (South Western Germany, near the French boarder) to Lincoln in 7hrs once :). Its not as far as you think but to be fair, it depends on how long you wanna ride for. Those of us that have done the old Iron Butt, could do this in a oner - 18 hrs with breaks would crack it.

Rixxy did Barcelona to Cricklewood in a day…not sure he’d have been up for riding the next day though!

yeah, enjoyment of the journey is a consideration here. Otherwise I’d just take the motorways! lol

My first piece of advise is make sure you have a RELIABLE bike. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Two days - comfortable;)

+1:cool: 3 days would be a bimble:w00t::wink: