"Long clip of the worst crashes"


One of the bike crashes towards the end, how lucky was that guy that the next bike along didnt plough straight into his chest!!!

I’ve seen that Isle of Man crash footage at the end a million times and it makes me cringe every time I see it.

Does anyone know how that guy made out?

sick puppies


oh my god. went thro a range of reactions watching that, varying from ouch oooow wow idiot oh my god jesus wat the feck how’d he walk out of that did he walk out of that and back to idiot again when the guy on the mountain bike tried to jump down that orangey cliff thing. v v good vid that

good little vid, all new clips for me wich is good.

i think we all need to watch stuff like this some times just to remember what can happen and get some pointers how to fall

Same here pixie! You said it all!

Enough said… superb !!!