Lonely vulture finds love!


:D:Dthat is so nice!

That brought a tear

so, does he need to be taught about the birds and the bees, or just the bees. sorry…

Now if he were human, this would be a child protection issue.

…was it that big?

Does this mean I need to keep my 14 yr old Transylvanian house girl under the stairs until the TV licencing people stop pestering me?

Has she got a sister? :smiley:

thats a bit sick

What did you expect on Londonbikers? Good taste!

Wrong site, guv.

What is?

Don’t Vultures deserve to find love too?!? :wink:

Yeah! Right On! Equal rights for Same-Vulture relationships! :D:D:D

Now there’s a thought to conjure with. A gay vulture.