Lone girl biker needs others for ride outs in Kent

well not exactly alone…my husband is a deep sea diver and wont be back til November so i get a bit bored riding out on my own…not looking for a date ok!

i live near Brands Hatch and like long ride outs to Box Hill and Whiteways but its always nice to have a chat when you get there but difficult to meet anyone - know what i mean!!

i have a ZX7R Ninja and have been riding for over 20 years.

any takers??


Welcome to the fold

The best place to meet the gang is down at Cubanas, aka nanas, banas etc etc

Great bunch of peeps and lots of rideouts to be had

Hey there - welcome to lb!

I’m sure there are loads of people here who are up for that - me included - and as I’m a happily married man there’ll be no rumours (well except those we start of course :wink:

Best thing to do is come down to Cubanas on a Wednesday night and meet the peeps.


I might be coming to Kent for little camping session today so let us know if youre intrested. Married man as well so no need to worry

thanks for the reply …but same old same old…

yep i can go to Cubanas but it would be the same as Box Hill etc… go alone, hope someone will talk with you, (girls think you are after their man and blokes just wanna date or are intimidated by your bike)… and then go home alone…

i would like to meet up with others - ride somewhere - chat - ride back with others no hassle no problem…and have a good time out - NOT ALONE

but thanks…anyone wanna ride to Cubanas with me from Kent (as i dont know where it is) !

ok camper…what are you doing the WSB up the road??

not a problem…and i never worry

thanks Matt…i will make the effort…i hope you will introduce yourself to me…black and yellow Ninja…red lid…cheers!

and thank you too Trisckie…i look forward to it

Nanas is very different. Because it’s the LB meet everyone who arrives if a friend and will talk to everyone else. It’s really nice that way.

If you have a look at the galleries you’ll recognise the usual suspects when you get there


thanks for the info…just looked at the pics and you do look a very happy lot…i cant wait


groovy - let us know when you’re coming down and we’ll keep an eye out for you.


hi there salee, i have two daughters and a wife who ride . youngest daughter (kanarki) has a little yamaha sr125 and is learning at the moment, older daughter is from surrey and rides a zx12r. they would also like to go on rides with other ladies…you could also go to blackheath most nights as my missus and i go up there…

sounds great… ask your ZX12 daughter to get in touch - we may be too fast for Kanarki at the moment though - shame - but we all had to start somewhere bless her !

and thanks for the info on Blackheath…its now on my list !

Salee, on Wednesday I’m not in the office (going to a first aid course for work stuff) but I’m riding to Cubana in the evening as I think my head will be ready to explode by then. I was hoping to get there for about 7pm-ish. I live in Dartford, so if you wanted to meet up I could show you the route. It’s pretty simple, even I can find it!

thank you…much appreciated i would love to accompany you Firestorm…where and when ??

PM on the way…

I’ve got a zx7r too, don’t live near you and am single.

So one out of three don’t even get me a goldfish I suppose…

well you aint so bad then are you…!..keep smiling and perhaps one day you too will get a better half and live near Brands Hatch

all the very best to you


I’m sure you’ll find Cubana a little bit different to Box Hill and the Ace.

I turned up on my own earlier this year for the first time and the folks will make you feel very welcome. They are a lovely bunch and I’m sure you’ll get on well with them all.

Get up there and keep an eye on the ride out and meets section, always something going on.

The usual suspects !!!..

Love it !!