lone biker

altho ive been around n on bikes all my life

i have no mates who ride

starting to get bored shitless any 1 going on a bike holiday wants an extra bike to tag along join in the fun feel free to ask

or any 1 want a good long week en ride away b.n.b hotel ect by god i need it just divorce lost house just me n me bikes left

hi there,

no worries i’m sure you will find quite a few coming up soon.

i think we may about to organize a weekend in corwall shorty…so watch this space.

Have you been to Borough Market Meet on Wednesday yet ?

hey mate…pop in what general area you’re from…there might be some people on here right round tha block from you!
also defo go borough mark’t/ace cafe :slight_smile:

Know how you feel dude, been there too…it gets better…and if your a biker you are welcome on any of the rideouts on here…

Going through similar at the moment so you have my sympathy fellah.

If you fancy a ride out down East Sussex way to keep your sanity just let me know.

mite just take up on that

my msn addy

[email protected]

im in the herts erea