London's Air Ambulance Abseil 2010 (Time slot)

think i will take a walk over to watch as well, will stick some money in later

Yes, I tend to miss a lot :slight_smile:

Claire and I are booked in for 9am on the 8th.


Mark and I will be there on the 9th to cheer you on and take photos too.

I can but it will cost you … !!!So come on peepsHow about sponsoring the only LB girl thats doing the abseil :smiley:

if it gets me more money i’ll don a dress … and Rob did we forget to tell you that you are all going to be tied to me in thirty foot distance apart so once i get to 60ft your coming down wether you like it or not … or i will just place cakes , pasties , fish & chips etc en route down the building :stuck_out_tongue:

Un(??)fortunately I’m not going to be within a thousand miles of it as I’ve now got to go to Budapest on Tuesday & won’t be back until Thursday week, hence I’m having to bow out. :frowning:

To try & make amends I’ve tucked a few tenners into the ginger ones mankini to buy a dance for the rest of you… :wink:

Erm Liz (Poleposition) and Claire are both female too Jack :D:D:D:D

Ah Pat that’s bad news mate, hopefully we can slot Liz into your place now.

Thats a shame Pat but hey another LB girl on the sunday, the more the merrier :smiley:

Hi peeps- i’m doing the 10am slot on Sunday because the 11am was full- if Pat was doing 11am I can try and move into that slot.

Pat not sure if you have told LAA that you are pulling out, if not can you give them a call (they knew no different this morning and still have you down for that time slot)


A big thanks to Tiggi for sponsoring me :smiley:

Not long now, starting to sh*t my pants now:w00t:

They should do, I emailed Christine Margetts last week to tell her, as in the last email Anita said she was leaving & Christine was taking over. I got an autoreply email back saying she was out of the office until the 4th May, so I guess she just hadn’t caught up with her mail when you spoke.

The “Dark Side” rideout massive will attend to taunt and daunt.:slight_smile:

We will be riding from the Ace at 10.00 to go to watch our crew jumping from 11.00 onwards.

Anyone going to / meeting at Cabot Square remember to bring plenty of cash to throw into the LAA collection buckets

Just got a pm from Liz (Poleposition), looks like she’ll be joining us on sunday 11.00am - 1.00pm time slot;):slight_smile:

Sorry I can’t be there as I am supporting a charity ride in Sussex from 11am. All the best of luck, and I will put some money in.

The weathers looking good for tomorrow, good luck everyone we shall see you in the morning.

Liz you poor thing, I think if you’re taking Pats time slot you will have the pleasure of Gingers sun burnt red raw backside in his mankini coming down just above you… Don’t look up whatever you do :D:D:D

now i understand the text Liz sent me, see you all in the morning