London's Air Ambulance Abseil 2010 (Time slot)

The London’s Air Ambulance Abseil 2010 Time slot for all LB members is being arranged for sunday 9th May 11am/1pm:)If any Abseilers cant make this slot let us no immediatley and we will have a go at trying to find an agreed time thats good for everybody.:w00t:

So far : Ginger, Trisckie, Timr, Liz (Poleposition) and of course myself are ok with this slot:D

Please post on this thread for any communication about slots.

Thank you Robert.

Its not a confirmed slot but it is the one we have requested :smiley:

This sunday?

Doh, will sort it… thanks Ally:w00t:

I’m good to go for that slot as well. :slight_smile:

Is there a weight limit??:cool:

Hmmm if Ginger can do it anyone can :smiley:

most of us are in the 11-1 slot on the sunday 9th

…still room for more sponsors click the link below …

We have another one joining you, waiting to have it confirmed tomorrow. Lets hope she doesn’t go before Ginger in his mankini! :crazy:

11:00 John Cheasman Patrick Kelly Graham Lewis Tim Routen Robert Thatcher Jackie Triscott Martyn Andreas Katie Silcox Tony Leigh Casey Hamill Amy Shaw looks like i’m after tim thank god:D

Im there :smiley: with cookies :smiley:

Right we have Jay and Claire missing from that time slot… JAY WHAT TIME & DAY ARE YOU TWO DOING IT (its caps for a reason, he tends to miss alot lol) :smiley:

Hopefully Liz can get shuffled in with you lot.

Poor Pat, he’s going to get Gingers mankini’d back, sack and crack… Pat just don’t look up!!! :hehe::D:D

ang … sat 9am … For jay etc

Thanks Tim

Can we come and watch ?

Rob , on ur just giving it says Saturday the 08th May and this post is Sunday the 09th ?

Dont wanna hang around the wharf on the wrong day !:smiley:

The event starts on the 8th May, I’m defo 9th may;):slight_smile:

I have always wanted to do an abseil but am absolutly poop scared of hieghts

Big thanks to mark (Trackdayjunkie) for sponsoring me again;) Now reached my target of £500.00 and would like to thank everybody that sponsored me, well done to you all:) LAA needs every penny they can get thier hands on so dont stop there just visit my justgiving page and keep sponsoring me.

All i have to do now is get someone to throw me off that building:w00t::smiley:

I’ll see if the ol man and myself can come down on the day to take some piccies for the gallery and to wish you guys lots of love and support.