Londonbikers keep bugging me....

Hey all!

So many people have asked " Ross what’s your Cafe Racer Coffee Van page so I can like it on Facebook and boost your “Serving Coffee To Bikers In A Motorcycle Themed Dinky Van” business so we can get your ‘likes’ up and also have your address if we need you"So after all this time - here it is guys and gals - fill yer boots and “like” away

OR Press Here! Cafe Racer Coffee Bar (y)

At BMM - Before the Borough Market Inspectors turned up…:Whistling:

good job :smiley:

i’m yet to experience your beverages, but i trust they are nothing less than top quality.

Shameless promotion… Love it! EDIT: And liked it.

You betcha!

Teas are good too - basic builders , brew 30 secs, squeeze bag, brew another 20 secs, loads milk, ahhh! :slight_smile:



Cheers Mr TF! (y)

Suppose next I will have to see if I like the coffee :slight_smile:

No prob there!

If you like good coffee then you are gonn a love Monmouth Espresso blend - or your money back :smiley:

What kind of van is that? I’ve seen them around but wondered who makes it? Is it a Piaggio?

One day I’ll catch up to that little cafe racer! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Nah - glad you asked though!

It’s an Aixam Mega Van… Made in France since 2004ish in either a 2 cyl diesel 500cc automatic (variable belt) like mine or an electric version.

Mine was converted brand new from the pickup chassis version by Towability oop north and works great,

45 mph max - 1000’s miles to the gallon - a bit noisy but it’s a great !

Ahh, Aixam… manufacturer of lady magnets like…


I’ve seriously contemplated buying something like this for using on those occasions when a car is necessary, however they seem to go for inordinate amounts of £££ for what they are.

classed as a quad i think & can be driven on a bike licence ?

Some of their cars are classed as quadricycles (and can now be driven by 16 year olds!) but my van is too heavy to qualify (700kg) unfortunately.

Engine is a japanese Kyboto marine engine - and you drive it like a boat, Throttle wide open all the time.

Everyone says the Kyboto unit is unburstable - here’s hoping!:slight_smile:

Great reponse guys = keep it up! (:D)

ps I’m at the Romany tucked behind 22-22a Lyford Road, London SW18 3LG until about 1pm

A free coffee for an LBer!

come along if you have a minute


Few things, I noticed your using a address I’m not sure you can use that for a commernical business (well .org is usually used for charities and NFP companies) nothing major but might want to double check I did a quick google on it may be nothing but might want to look into it, but I’m by no means a domain guru.

Also, whens the website going live? want to see it

Get yourself a .sex domain. That’s for businesses and would get you noticed! :smiley:

Hi Mr Sleeper - the org thing is a long story…

25% of the work I do through the van is for charidee and the site was originally reflecting that = anyway I use it for some other bits and bobs as well now.

I spoke to my main charity, Prostate Cancer UK - through there legal team and the Charity Commission and apparently as long as you don’t pretend you are a Registered Charity yourself - or fundraise directly through yourself (I don’t it all goes into the tin and I am a registered and vetted volunteer ( and tin goes straight to charity ) then using org is not a problem…dunno if there is an internet police but I have it all in writing so if someone knocks on my door I can make a bloody good argument for it!

Oh by the way I am choosing two new charidees to sponsor for 2012 so I’ll be putting a thraed out asking for suggested good causes ( and especially interested in people who are work for/or are involved with them now )

I wouldn’t say I rival Barclays Bank on the money I raise for them (and it’s a great fulfiling thing to do ) but I manage to get a fair bit scraped together over the year :smiley:

Ok then looks like you have this all in hand, still look forward to the website though…

That’s damn fine coffee right there. Hipsters will love your van.

It’s a time machine as well… or you mean 2014 ? :stuck_out_tongue: