londonbikers group on facebook

Hi i just noticed a group on facebook for just londonbikers i have just joined it wont doesnt everyone else join aswell just go into groups and type in on facebook my name on there is davegeach hope to see u on there :smiley:

i joined it a little while ago but just for the usual facebook thing of having loads of groups on my profile :pinch:

but i guess there’s no point chatting on the facebook LB when you can stay here and chat in the real deal

i suppose your right :smiley:

already joined but the facebook lark is good for when but very rarely the main site goes down.

It must be my age or something but I just dont get Facebook.

I have a page but its full of [email protected] I don’t want on there:D

maybe u need to delete your fun wall

really?the last posts on there had cobwebs on hehehehe

on there too

Im wiv you on this one uncle, too much cack on it and stupid invites etc, deleted mine ages ago better on here more informative :slight_smile: