second podcast is greater than ever! Leasten to it now

I have just heard the second podcast! It’s amazing guys! I just couldn’t stop leastening to it! i can see in the future my ipod being only LB podcasts.

The inteview with Toseland was so great Tasha, it brings another dimention to it on the podcast. Matt the cyclist interview was so great, you were lucky there man! in to ways, one the guy you stopped has reacted so well and gave a good counter-argument to your statements but in another hand you weer lucky to not come back home with a bicycle handle bar stuck on your… head! lol

Before the LB podcast I used to look forward for our Wednesdays meetings and Fridays for the weekends but now all I want is the nest Tuesdays for the new episode of LBs podcast!!

Great job!

It had me laughing again! I really like it, nice to bring people in for different discussions. Keep up the good work guys!

Massive shout…Big Up Large to Matt, Rich, Foxter, Cez and the LB Crew !!

Shocks… thanks guys :slight_smile:

On another note… we have our first review via iTunes… look!


Oh man! I’m so exited that I can’t stand up! (don’t be dirty mind, my LEGS are woobly) lol

OK! What’s about ‘a pint of beer’ joke and the ‘Dunkerque beach’ one? Come on be easy on me and limit yourself to explane it only! Not jockes allowed. Remember that I have a mouse and I’m not scared to use it! lol

How come I can’t find the podcast when I search for it in iTunes?

rather interestingly if you search for ‘motorbikes’ it’s the top response… I think I need to play with the keywords… have been talking to iTunes today about getting some front page placement.


Just did a search on the iTunes podcast and we come first and only us ! Key word ‘motorbikes’

Now if you use the key word ‘motorcycle’ come loads of them and we are not there. My guess is that you are right Matt it’s a matter of key word play as iTunes is American so, motorcycle will be there first.

I had such a great time doing the podcast lastnight and am looking forward to next week… and the week afert…

Listening to it back last night I had a big grin on my face… My dad listened to it this morning and loved it…

By the way! Our fellow member 666 says his goodbye to all LB members on the podcast ours before his trip to Germany.