Scavenger Hunt team - WE WON

Yes we won! Here are the pics!


nice pics mat!!! looks like a quality day!!

quality pics mate quality

Looks as if you all had a right giggle !

C’mon, we need the stories of the various quests … should I ask what that is on Gingers face and whose nipple is that !

it was dans nippple and the word on my head was bum that word scored us 15 points

so whos up for a londonbikers scavenger hunt next year some time

so were any of those things actually tasks or is that just what you guys do on a regular day out??

well done anyway!

Hehehe, very cool stuff! Nice way to spend a Saturday!

nah all that was just for fun - the real one is tomorrow!

The best bit was convincing a yoof to allow us to cut off his hair, followed by us sending Ginger to have all his shaved off!

Then we won the whole thing thanks to Scorpions mate at Car Phone place thing who allowed us to take a photo of all the mobiles in his store room (2 points each) which meant we won by a clear 200 points! Genius day out people