Podast is ready! we need your help now

You can subscribe to the podcast using iTunes by clicking ‘advanced’, then ‘subscribe to podcast’ within iTunes and pasting in this URL will have a weekly podcast! How great is that?? Our fellow member mattcbf600 is on control of our Podcast productions and will certainly entertain you.

LB want’s to talk about everyting that concerns to the Londonbikers life. For that we will need your help! If you have any issue about biking in London that is stuck in your throut, please submit your idea/story to us on [email protected]. We are very interesteed on hear from you. If you are chosen, you will be invited to come to the studio and tell to the biking community your story/issue.

As you all know, if you have spoken to us behind LB, that we are very passionate about LB and biking. Let’s work together to improve our biking conditiions in London. The idea is to have a chat with white van drivers, taxi men, AGV drivers, pedestrians, car drivers, cyclists, politicians, police, traffic wardens, anyway anyone that affects our everyday on our motorbikers. Let’s discuss our issues and diferences, lets learn with it and grow together. The reality is that we will never have the roads only for us, so let’s live is harmony.

Stop complaining and spit it out! lol

It’s not just about the ‘bad’ side and issues! tell us your experience with LB? tell us about your biking experiences, meets with the law, falls, ride outs, racing, anythin that the community can learn a bit with! It’s all about you, it’s all about us!

Submit your ideas to [email protected]

We are working hard to improve your ride!

I have just leastened to it again! it was really fun to make it, even though i didn’t get the whole CHAT room thing up to later on in the pub when Matt kindly explaned it to me…