is first once more! WSB Saturdays photos

Where else can you have a complete inside of the WSB like here? Jay and Tasha are camping in the circuit just to bring you the best photos ever from the background of the WSB. Just check it out! TODAYS PHOTOS

Now, tell me if this is not the perfect bike paint scheme???

where else apart from LB? What this space for the complete coverage!

Great work guys.

You have no idea how much hard work it was to get these pictures and ensure they were published in a timely fashion Glad people enjoy them, it’s a great insight into World Superbikes.

Was trying to work out how you did it all.

Your work has been much appreciated by all

Time for a nice bottle of red and a feet up I wold have thought.

Yes, merlot sounds good right now, thinking Californian.

Yeah, that would have been nice Jay, except we didn’t have a clue about the Bank Holiday today!!

LOL. I’m sure you can find an somewhere to acquire some

What about some…

No clue about the bank holiday??? What a bonus then eh? lol

Deserved rest I presume!

You got it, I had no idea about the bank holiday until late last night, can you believe it? It’s so welcome, I have had a very nice lay in which is much deserved after two days of sod-all sleep at Silverstone. I can also work on some tech today, huzzah.

Yeah, but we did have a laugh about it eh Babe!!! The No sleep and not having a clue about the Bank holiday!!

LOL. Still laughing about the fact you didn’t realise

Yeah MiniMo… I’m never one to miss a holiday, Not that it makes much difference about work though!

Nice Photos them race bikes look sooooooooooo sexy the paddock proty’s look fun too