charity run?

I’m raising this here as it’s not really suitable for the ride out section yet… I want to see if

a - there’s enough interest
b - if I’d be allowed to organise it under the lb banner?

Noticed this story on BBC Wales

could we do something similar here?


I’ll be up for something similar!!

Hey Mat!

Organize it as an LB official event won’t be possible, only due to liability insurance matters. But obviously LB is your community and you and all the others have the right to organize whatever you want here.

LB will have the official position to provide you and others the space and all the support you need and is at our reach. The event has to be organized and runned by you. We will help you gladly as much as we can. (as it was done on the SJ day).

Yes, you are allowed to organise it under LB banner but as a members organised event and not an official LB event. (only legalities)

Let me know what you have in mind and I will see what tools we can use to promote it, ok?

Matt, something like that would be great, I don’t see why it couldn’t be organised by members!

I’ve driven to Barcelona twice on my bike (Got lost many many times on the way:whistling

Im interested, just depends on how long we would be gone for where and when etc, rasing money for a great charity and having tonnes of fun at the same time… Damn life is good

Okay - let me flesh this out a little more and come back to you - I need to work out costs / sponsorship - because we don’t want it to cost us each more than we can raise in sponsorship do we!

I’ll also try to come up with an original angle / hook so we can get some decent coverage (can you see the ex-journalist coming out in me) :slight_smile:

back soon with more thoughts.


What a great idea matt, count me in mate, i would love to have a challenge like that… So are you thinking along the lines of 48 hrs to spain n back or elswhere?? Keep us informed mate.

another great idea, keep me posted on this!

I’m up for a long ride if it comes out mate!

Okay… at the moment I’m thinking of a run / challenge around the lines of time limited or distance related.

I’m trying to find a location that ties in with the LAA - maybe somewhere where a part is made for the aircraft and we’ll ‘go pick it up’ that kind of thing is media gold.

Should perhaps ask for an introduction to the LAA guys and see if there’s something / a place they can think of.



PM me on this mate.

I have solid contacts with the Virgin Mobile Superbike Team and the London Air Ambulance (if I’m not mistaken) is the Virgin Air Ambulance … amI right… If so, and you’re still planning on getting this Charity thing off the ground, this could help get you some great publicity. Maybe try and get the Sperbikers on your start line. They get publicity, so do you, maybe some telly coverage…

Who knows…give me a PM if this sounds like something you’d like to try out or just to let me know the idea’s died.

Easy mate, Toby Wan

Cool, it’s a ride to the Antarctica then. I believe it’s only below 50C in July…