LONDONBIKERS Bowling Night #2

Saturday the 25th July 2009 Lanes booked for 7.30pm

It will be at the Heathrow BowlThis one

4 people to a Lane

3 Games = approx 2hours
£28.00 per hr per lane.
3 games = 2 hours= £56.00 per lane

I 'm Booking 10 lanes

Thats 40 people
Thats £14 each person plus £2 for the L.A.A making it £16pp :slight_smile:

This includes shoe hire

There’s a deposit of £5 per person (non-refundable) which will need to be collected within the next week, I will collect it at the Ace on friday night and I’ll try to get to BMM…and the balance of £11 to be paid on the night

There’s a McDonalds and a Licenced Bar there

Try to be there for 19.00

Pay your £5 deposit, your place will be booked and your name added to the list

The List

1. Terry-Moto

2. Elad. …(this Guy so has the hump, Debz sent him slidding down the losers gutter last Bowl :D)

3. Elad’s Friend.

4. GengyGirl

5. Ratty.

6. Jay

7. CB11RC

8. Trackday Junkie

9. TattoistChick

10. Lee (Topper)

11. Tiggi

12. Curtis (another one that cried after losing last year :))

13. Andrew&7

14. Sincere

15. Westie

16. MacP

17. Rodders

18. Rodders Friend

19. Triskie

20. JasonB

21. Mole

22. FireplacePaul.

23. Sharon.

24. Miz Cheggers

So there’s NO empty space’s if anyone else wants to go :slight_smile:

1st come basis

Anyone that want to meet up and go there from the Ace, I will be leaving at 18.30 come fueled up

Big Thanks to

JonnyBravo… £2

Tug1400… £5

Grimbusa …£5



Who could not make it, But made a Donation to the L.A.A :cool:

Please feel free to give a donation even if you cant make it and I’ll add you to this list… every bit helps the L.A.A :slight_smile:

Original 1st post

Seems like theres a few intrested :cool:

So I’ll do some homework and get back to you with a date etc, It will be at the same place and will be in the evening. Probably about the same sort of price, but I’ll let you know.

Here’s the last one we went on :slight_smile:

£2 per person will be added to the price, to raise a bit of money for the L.A.A :slight_smile:

Who’s up for it…?


I am as long as I can be in your team and whop your ass :smiley:

I’ll have to have a word with the rest of the Team Ang, I’ll get back to you :smiley:

Feck you piggy :wink: I’ll go get me own ladies team to whop your male chauvinist ass :P:kiss:

That’s fighting talk… and it’ll never happen! :w00t::stuck_out_tongue:

Me, Debz, Westie, Shauny, Alex and Tug :smiley:

Like there’s enough Ladies on here to make a team :hehe:

You forgot AndyP, he’s a bit of a old Woman :smiley:

There’s me team :smiley:

You mean Dot Cotton :hehe:

Na she washes her hair from time to time :Whistling:

Think you f0cked up your team a bit…dont you remember how sh*t Tug was :smiley:

He’ll be good at polishing the balls with Westie :hehe:

feck off i aint going on her team, glad to see out Event Team organiser [ ET for short ] is doing his job

Oi ET do you think your -ollox will be up to lifting one of them balls then, and no you cant be on my team dont want NO old cnuts on it.

You watch I dont mistake you for one of the 10 pins :PAll the old **** will be on my team :hehe:

I’m in!

Depending on the date I am interested:)

nice pic

oi ET when are we having the BBQ, we can use you and flipper as the entertainment, also while you sorting these dates out in our LONDONBIKERS diary can you add a curry night and chinese night as well plz

One thing at a time Andy, Men cant do multi tasking :wink: