Londonbikers bike maintenance day.

why not have our very own Londonbikers maintenance day/course?
not speaking for myself as i know enough to generally maintain my bike but as some posts show there are a few people on here that maybe could have some pointers but we also have the talent on here for them to be shown.
so can we not arrange a day/place where maybe a couple of people (hopefully full time bike mechanics) can just have a day of bike maintenance to show newbys etc?
could maybe do it at the ace (with permission of course), or anywhere else, suggestions.

maybe a small fee can be taken £5/10 (after the money for tea has been taken out, lol) and that can go to air ambulance or summat.

i dont mind helping out in a secondary fashion, think should be lead by some1 who does it for a living.

wot you think people?

I’m in.

(as a trainee of course :slight_smile:

I would be in, but travelling to London is not my idea of heaven as I dont normally commute (yes, i know this is LONDONbikers) but bolox to it, all that traffic is stressful, lets find a nice kent place to do it :D:D

sounds like a great idea!

however, and I really don’t like to pour cold water anywhere near this excellent thought, but I will point out that there is a potential legal liability should something be done wrong under another’s guidance, and heaven forbid your back wheel falls off or brake pads fall out while belting down a country lane after so-and-so helped you the day before.

You would doubtless look to sue the garage which had done the shabby job but in this instance who would be blamed?

So I’ll state right now that Londonbikers, (a trading name of MediaPanther Ltd), is in no way connected to this and specifically places all responsibility on those directly involved. This post is to be deemed read and accepted should you take part in this.

But please, as long as you’ve thought about and accepted the responsibility, helping your fellow biker is a great thing :slight_smile:

i would think a place in ce london would be best, maybe some1 could get a use of a garage/shop?

Would love to get some simple advice / show how*

Happy to make a financial contribution too. Great idea.

Mel - would be happy to lead you in if the final destination is in Central London.

*copyright BL - just thought of that :slight_smile:

Well, ahead of my mate posting up more specific details, I know someone who is going to be opening a workshop soon which would be absolutely ideal for this thing. And he’ll be fully insured etc (re my last point).

I’ve pinged him the thread so hopefully he should be on it soon with more details.

But does this mean you’ll be there Andrew?

If you’re all letting me do maintenance, you’ll want your camera there :D:D

Think that a basic course would be a great idea - simple routine tasks that most people should know how to do (using a padock stand for Mel!) oil and filter change, correct way of chain adjustment, changing brake pads and brake fluid etc. Personally I’m learning with the use of Haynes and lots of swearing (Hannah’s previous post is spot on!!) and would appreciate some guidence and tips. To Andrew’s point, think that most of us would be sensible and not use it as an alternative to going to a garage, more a chance to learn basic skills.

Definately would like to get along to this if it can be arranged.

Would be very interested :slight_smile:

great idea !!!

Great idea Choprocker, and I would be well up for it, currently toying as I am with the idea of changing brake disks, hoses, sprockets, chain, spark plugs, and figuring out how to go about checking my valve clearances :hehe: Got a Haynes but it’s all written in gibberish.

Indoor location would be ideal so weather doesn’t affect play, but of course it’s a matter of finding the right location. Andrew&7’s post seems very promising and I eagerly await developments on that front (nice one Andrew&7!).

What a great idea;)

I’d be interested too! - I’ve picked up some good info off here, but it’d be great to work on the bike under cover and under the eye of someone knowledgeable, rather than on the street on a wing and a prayer

I’d be more than happy to contribute funds towards peoples’ time/air ambulance/garage rent

Edit: I guess it’d be more a case of watching someone perform rather than working on ones own bike?

I’d like to come to this. I can bring some WD-40.

yeah i’d be up for this, would be good to learn some other bits and pieces.

If we ask nicely, do think they could include a session on safe parking? :smiley:


Great idea
I need help as i can’t even change break pads on a bike.