London Traffic

everyday and i still smile

but somedays i,m calm and others its

you f–in prat move over, give me some f–in room, why you trying to block me you f–in c–t

what you want the whole f–n road tos-er

My “comute” is a quick 6 miles of A40 ( about 10 mins), and it sure beats 1 hour on the tube. And I don’t need to take a coffee to feel awake until mid morning!

Well i just hate public transport its always ramned and the bus drivers chuck u around in the back. Even when its raining i still take my bike.

Were I work there’s a parking space for motorcycles on a first come / first served, so I must be one of the few bikers that is happy when it’s raining during the week… Extra time in bed and still a space