London Traffic

Today was the first day I had ridden in London to work for about 2 years. I had forgotten how horrible it was, everyone trying to get where they want to get and not very fast.
On the way to work I rode calmly but bikes, cars and vans were monuvering into spaces just to get an extra feet closer that the car in front and I was cut up a good few times.
But on the way home I changed my ridding style to suit the rest of the traffic, I had to be assertive and quick but not aggresive and keep moving in and out of traffic and felt to I rode better that way through the traffic. Once I was in Golders Green again I rode calmly again as there was no traffic.
One good thing about the ride in is that the Finchley Road bus lane can be used but motorcycles aswell which makes the journey easier and safer.
I also realised that I don’t need a 800 or 850cc bike as the Nexus was more than I needed and the extra weight and fuel the bigger bike would’nt have made it any quicker. So maybe I won’t get the 800GP.

I love the rat run in the morning. Feels like a pod race

Central london at rush hour - or any hour really is crazy!! It certainly keeps you busy, lol.

Friday night going to Frith from the Ace on the A40 I had a leg rub from a van! Had to kick the van a couple of times to let him know he was sending me into the barrier

I’ve found postie vans to be the worst so far. I’m glad I’ve got knuckle armour in my gloves, that’s all I can say!

But doesn’t it make you feel alive? All that noise and action and impending danger. Bikers are modern day knights don’t you think… albeit with a leather fetish

Down the Vauxhall Gyratory the Government Inter Departmental Despatch drivers think it is their manor and work hard to sweep all the bikes off the road every time they go there! Watch out for them - like postal vans, but lurid green!

Today was the worst day for peak hour traffic since Christmas. The last two weeks the roads have been almost blissfully empty during peak hour. Maybe all the schools went back today and everyone finally finished their Christmas holidays. My journey took a good 10 minutes more today.

ahhhhh london traffic, you gotta love it. i ride in every day and yeah its a pain, but i got the bus in this morning and bugger me was i glad to get back on the bike.

Want a job as a deadline blood courier in central london???

Just let me know!!

Hmmmmm…Now, what is it they say about women and spacial awareness???

You can keep it. I moved out and it’s a breath of fresh air after a fart filled room. I realise how much of a pr!ck I behaved like riding in London. My manners are still atrocious but I’m countryfide now.

The van came into me (honest, lol)

London rushour traffic is one thing, the A2 into Elephant and Castle is another. What a pain in the royal derriere that is! Argh! I need to find another way into work from Catford - any ideas?

Blackwall tunnel, A13, cut through the city congestion charge zone or the embankment before turning sarf?

My journey takes me down Hornsey Road, Holloway Road, New North Road, Great Eastern Road then Commercial Street. It’s pretty horrid, although between xmas and new year I couldn’t believe how quiet the roads were! In parts it was like a ghost town. Back to normal now though Although, still gets me to work in half the time of the train/tube

I was just thinking this morning how nice the traffic has been since Christmas - the A1 has been almost totally clear every day, M25 was a bugger last night obviously - but central london has been a dream… do love a blast into Oxford Circus at rush hour though… what a rush!


those vans are pretty scary eh

or a knuckle duster in ur pocket!

2 days now riding through the traffic morning and night, and im suprised how well behaved the cagers are, no one (so far) has pulled out on me or cut me up, im now enjoying the journey in which takes me about 40 mins to do 14 miles.

I’ll show you another way in some time Keti, Never use the elephant and castle as its such a pain in the arse