London to Snetterton Ride

Right, cos there are quite a few of us going on the 3rd Sept trackday at Snet (and staying over at a hotel nearby to save the early start!), and there is a full motorbike race program on the 2nd, everyone is more than welcome to join me on my ride up there, assuming you have your sunglasses available for my leathers :w00t:…Meet at Redbridge Roundabout (the interchange of the A406 and the A12) at 10:30am on Sunday,leaving at 11am.

Meet in the car park at redbridge tube station:,0.044761&spn=0.00236,0.008959&z=17&om=1

Take M11 to Junct 5 then A113, B184, B1057 etc, up to Snetterton to then watch the racing (£12 entry for that day) in the afternoon.

Route is thus:,+Ilford,+Greater+London+IG4,+United+Kingdom&daddr=A1168%2FChigwell+Ln+%4051.634990,+0.086900+to:A113%2FLondon+Rd+%4051.671690,+0.207630+to:A113%2FLondon+Rd+%4051.678970,+0.224750+to:B184%2FDunmow+Rd+%4051.755920,+0.277310+to:B184+%4051.843250,+0.335700+to:B1057%2FThe+Broadway+%4051.885870,+0.376010+to:B1057+%4051.923280,+0.411470+to:B1057+%4052.013730,+0.454030+to:52.233687,0.694199+to:snetterton&mrcr=8,9&mrsp=9&sz=11&mra=dpe&sll=52.170142,0.650253&sspn=0.293951,0.604248&ie=UTF8&ll=52.071065,0.692139&spn=1.178432,2.416992&z=9&om=1

About 90 miles to get there…It will be a fairly straight ride through stopping for the odd breather but not lunch or anything…but anyone that knows (and some people know in CLOSE detail…) these roads are really great, twisty, and go through some amazing countryside. Pace will be moderate, if any Learners want to come, I can take the short M-way part out.

Can I come please? :wink:

But where exactly do you mean when you say the Redbridge roundabout?

I would join you but I’m starting off from the wrong direction :slight_smile: See you there.

Heh of course, and have edited the post to show the start point!!

Forgive me for being picky, but the post description says AUGUST, think you mean Sept…

Has the Power Rangers suit stretched enough to fit a bit more comfortably now, or have you just got used to the BeeGees voice? :wink:

hehe yeah that was pointed out at BM last night!!! they have stretched a bit, but still have to walk a bit like the dude that rang the bells at Notre Dame…

I’m on this one…

Should be cool to get a feel for the circuit the day before and nice of them to lay down some rubber ready for us on Monday… very kind of them!!! :smiley:

Will join you guys if weather’s good, any excuse to go out on a rid before winter sets in!

hehe your bike is a bit of a rid…

Since you’re coming past my front door it would be rude not to, but only if it’s a nice day… :Whistling:

how would you know…you refused to go pillion :hehe:

Might have one more for the ride up and racing, but to be confirmed :slight_smile:

if you want to skip the M11 and take in Epping Forest and rather nice short and twisty section of road then we could take this route (only modified the start)

Sounds like it’s worth coming down for :slight_smile: I’ll see how much time I have.

Yeah might do that, although the whole route might take some time so a nice gentle start might get everyone warmed up…

Good point, we’ll see how the group feels on Sunday as this will add about 20/25 mins to the journey and so might cut in to your schedule a little.

Yeah I dont want to miss the sidecars!!!

Should be a couple of other fellas that I met on another rideout coming as well, should be a good sized group (not too big, not too small)

The sidecar passengers are mental :hehe:

id like to come but im doing breakfast run :w00t:

unless we b back by 11
than maybe i ll go for a little foolin around
not all the way to Snetterton though…
im not doin a trackday so this mean i would be coming
back by myself…

would love to join this ride…it’ll be my first with LB BUT I have a problem with London…I can never find my way out easily. If anyone is heading anywhere near islington on their way past to Redbridge would really appreciate a guide!:smiley:
just phone07948254001