London South East Custom bike builder

Can anyone recommend one - a VERY good one.

Researching to do a custom bike build - semi-retro ( think 1930 / 1950s ), semi-futuristic.

Built around currently available parts with some one off body panels. Not really talking about choppers - but would be very interested to see a large catalogue of stock parts ( like when the Teutels are ordering stock petrol tanks, forks etc ).

cheers all

Well you could always try Barons Speed Shop Don’t know if they’re what you’re looking for but as an example they’ve just done a 60’s flavour bobber for Ewan McGregor, and I’ve seen some of their other stuff (though he won’t let me ride it…)

Quick look on their website says they do parts as well.

Thanks all!!

And the answer is…

Nick Gale Customs