London Scavenger Hunt - Applications now!

Come on then - I need 4 people to join me in a scavenger hunt around London on September 2nd! It’s pretty damn cool to be honest and I think as bikers we’ve got a fine chance of winning… so who’s in!?

The hunt isn’t for actual items… it’s ‘tasks’… like fit your whole team in a phone box and get a photo of it… it’s kinda funny and will end in a huge drinking session :slight_smile:

PM me for details or put your name down here.

no offence Matt but i dont think you would fit in a phone box let alone with four other people

did i jus say that…???

I don’t think we could have anymore team members if you and me have to get into a phone box!!!

lol :slight_smile: It’s just one of the tasks - there are a load more which as bikers would be easy for us… like take a photo of the whole team at

Marble Arch
Big Ben
Mil Dome

etc etc


I would be up for it, sounds quite a giggle

Ahhh that sounds like fun, but I’ll be in deepest, darkest Wales! Doh!

These are a great laugh … I can’t play as I’m working till 7am that morning and def need as much beauty sleep as possible ! If I wasn’t working, I’d be up for it.

Yep…Im off work that day…Im in

aww Matt

ask them to move the date - i cant make it either as i have my first aid course that morning…

ahh poo! Well at least there’s 3 of us now…


Come on - just 2 more needed! I need the names by the end of the week so I can enter us :slight_smile:


that sounds like good fun - can you put me down on the list?

Sounds like fun, you’d all have to ride slow for me to keep up though.

Could you PM me some details?

Go on then Matt - put me down if you would old chap - only on the understanding that we do actually have squeeze into a phone box with you though!

Hey, If there’s a space, I’ll ride down and participate in that… i’#m definatley not navigating thoug :-S

We are up in County Durham that weekned at the Stormin the Castle Rally. It’s my birfday weekend and The Levellers and Hayseed Dixie are playing

I have always wanted to do one of these, they look like so much fun but that is my B’day and I have to do family stuff!! DAMN the 2nd of sept!

This is all my mums fault why could she have not held on for an extra day or dropped me early…

Hey great!

We have


and oil… now the problem is I’ve only entered 1 team and it’s limited to 5 people! So who definately wants in and who’d be willing to just come to the booze up in the evening!?

Hey, if one of the London lads wants my place… let them - It’d be 600+ miles for me to ride down, thought it would be good for the crack…

I might ride down and follow y’all round if i can :smiley:

That would be cool