London safety camera replacement project

Ladies and Gent’s, coming to a traffic light near you in London in June this year.

Tfl are going to be installing/replacing cameras at various traffic light locations in London over the next two years.

To quote “Replacement of wet film red light cameras with a digital camera that has the functionality to undertake speed monitoring of vehicles for enforcement purposes during the green phase of the ATS”

So exceed the speed limit through a green light that has one of the new cameras and ‘ping’ 3 points £100

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Tender Application

Reading that you don’t need to exceed the speed limit through a green light :

lot 3 –Replacement of wet film spot speed cameras with a digital average speed camera system on routes that TfL has identified would be more appropriately covered with this technology rather than spot speed digital systems.

Nothing about stopping the cycles from red light jumping a blinkered approach to road safety for cyclists

Yes but if you do for example 40mph past the green light then you would trigger the camera.
This will undoubtedly catch the ‘amber gamblers’ who race the lights.
There will be approximately 6-700 of these after two years.

The ASCS is only for a few roads.

right, time to loose the licence plate :smiley:

this is a joke right? its in f*cking russian dude.

On my first Gsxr 750 I got a plate made up at the nec show that was 1 digit out from mine and I never got stopped, but this was back in 2001/2002 so not sure if ANPR cameras were around as much then as they are now. Strangely enough I never got any speeding tickets either

Do you ever get that feeling - just a teensey weeney bit - that these people in positions of power don’t what us ordinary flawed people to leave the confines of our homes without fear of persecution.

F&^k Em!

Doesn’t matter what colour the lights are light jumping cyclists cant be traced by bum shape even if by a slim chance they trigger the camera in the first place

& would Under the freedom of info act would TFL release the stats for cyclist light jumpers they seem abit touchy about the subject in the first place

This is double worrying with councils being harrased by beardy wierdy cycle groups to make all of London a 20mph zone…

Including stretches of 3 lane carriageway with no pavements / pedestrians about AND that includes between 11pm and at 6 0’clock in the morning…

Imagine 20mph “safety” cameras then…

Yet figures show that for bikes at least speed is only a factor in 8% of accidents…


Why would there be anything about red light jumping cyclists in a tender for speed cameras?

I think Tfl or the Met released the figures for RLJ cyclists after that crackdown at the end of last year and they have produced reports on it in the past (although it was quite a while back now). It was about 10% on the study I saw.

I doubt it’s a conspiracy of silence, they probably just don’t know the figures any more than they know the number of speeding motorists or litter dropping pedestrians in London.

Alba no joke I am afraid it’s coming.
The tender for the project obviously was a European one hence the Russian.

What I have missed is how speed cameras can now be erected and painted in ‘stealth grey’

The argument between deterrent and sneaky revenue raiser

There was a whole kerfuffle about 15 years about this and councils etc were forced to provide reflective yellow panels …

What have I missed if they can now hide them ???

I always thought it was a bit strange that speed cameras have to be painted dayglo yellow, surely that’s only a deterrent for the 10-20m in front of the camera where people anchor on before they speed up again?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the dayglo has saved me getting points on at least one occasion but if the aim is to reduce speeding generally then surely a grey camera with plenty of dayglo signage to say it’s somewhere nearby is actually the better solution? That way people would have to stick to the limit over a larger area.

Traffic light cameras are grey though right?

Solution is real simple for the cars. Just go and buy Valentine 1 anti radar(best there is) or escort probably second best. They detect all kind of speed cameras, hidden stationary(vans). Not sure about live video cameras or ANPR :confused: It’s a bit trickier with a bike, not so much space on it :smiley:

As I recall it, there was never any legal requirement for Gatsos to be painted yellow.

Following increased disquiet about local councils using them as revenue generators the then Labour govt, introduced a set of visibility requirements for them that had to be followed if the council wanted to keep the money they generated. If they didn’t make them visible then motorist would still be prosecuted, but the money would go to central govt rather than the council.

Haha, risky business. Althoguh having the wrong number plate on (whether it be font, spacing or size) I think is only a £30-50 non-endorsable fine… I had one for a small number plate a few years ago.

Might be worth the risk!

Number plate is now £100, and it is such an easy stop :wink:

if they stop.

these green light speed spot camera’s…

i presume they would need the white lines one the road to check the speed right?

i wonder if they are gonna do all of them, ie have they got the money!? and is this going to be every borough or just in central?

If it is an EU wide document, the Cyrillic will be Bulgarian.