London Property Bikers

Afternoon all, I have just rejoined LONDONBIKERS.COM and I’m looking forward to getting down to Borough Market this week to meet everyone.

I’m a biker, a surveyor, a special constable with the Met in Harrow and an assistant boxing coach with Harrow ABA.

if that wasn’t enough I just left my secure and well paid job with a company that I hated to set up my own business.

I’m on a VFR 800 (love it, best bike I have ever owned) and my mates know me as Gez.

Welcome mate, yeah come down BM one week to meet some faces.

Smart looking business too.

Whens Harrow ABC open, 7 night a week or? How much are fees etc.

Used to box with Foley A.B.C until I broke my leg and gradually got fatter…


Special constables, about as much use as a trap door in a canoe.