London Open House this weekend

Anyone taking advantage of London Open House this weekend and doing a bit of legal “urbexing”?

I had hoped to visit the ex restaurant at the top of the Post Office Tower but unfortunately I missed the boat on that one - prior booking needed and that has now closed. So we’ll visit some local places here in Croydon (not sure which ones yet though).

It’s worth checking the directory on the website in case there are some buildings you fancy having a look inside. Foreign Office is well worth a visit if you’ve not been there before, but there may be a bit of a queue.

Last Weekend was Heritage Open Days which meant I got to visit the tunnel forming part of Hampton Court Palace’s plumbing.

Had forgotten it was Open House this weekend.

Good for sneaking round other peoples houses without having to break in… Also some of these buildings are only open to the public one weekend a year so if you are interested in Architecture take full advantage of it! Seeing as there’s so little time the bike can be a great way to nip between sites- used to do this every year- now tend to choose one place and spend a bit more time there.