London on NYE

Really fancy doing the fireworks for real this year since I’ve never actually done it. And one of the girls from work assures me she know a good spot somewhere near the eye to watch everything. Not entirely clear on exactly where yet though!

Thing that’s always put me off is playing sardines on the tube :frowning: So, wondered if I took the bike up if I’d have half a chance of finding somewhere to park it safe from drunk people and not too far to walk to the eye!

Anyone got any ideas? or am I better off putting up with the tube do you reckon?

Ta v much :slight_smile:

A few of us watched from Alexander Palace a few years ago, got a reasonable view across london watching the various fireworks go up as different peoples watches clicked over to midnight. Plenty of bike parking.

Would of been better if nearer but it’s difficult to say where best to park. They close off certain roads from what I remember. It might be best to choose a few streets further out maybe away from any tube/rail stations a be prepared to walk a little bit.

Have they released to map of the closures yet? Also which part of London are you coming in from?

Theres a bike bay on Hatfields Road just off Stamford street and its not too far to walk to the eye from there and IIRC it wasnt shut off last year (access from the cut end if stamford street is shut)

Can’t find one for this year yet. Found last years though, and chances are it’ll be similar I reckon.

Coming from heathrow so would usually use the m4.