London newbie

Hey all - only just discovered this site - how has it taken me this long??

Finally got around to some training, test and getting a decent sized bike at the beginning of last year (after having little bikes twenty years ago!) and love my Bonneville to bits (well, not literally).

Seen a few posts from girls - are there many of us about?

Welcome to LB

Now as "

" make you at least 35, don’t be offended if I don’t talk to you at bike meets. I am having a mid life crisis and can only be seen with very young women :smiley:

Few girls on here. Not enough if you ask most of the guys but all very nice so that is helping…:cool:

Ahhh … I remember 35 … :wink:

Can I say hello if I bring my own soft lighting?

so do I. But I have a great memory :slight_smile:

Also be prepare for the usual joke about Triumph reliability issues from Honda owners…

Hi and welcome aboard.
35 seems soooooooooooooooooooooooo long ago now.

Hi :slight_smile: Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to LB:D Loads of lovely ladies on here;)

Hi & welcome to LB:D

A women on a bonny, oh yes! wot dreams are made of.:stuck_out_tongue:

welcome, lol.

LOL - a Bonnie is what I always really really wanted. Not really sure why - just fell in love with 'em years ago, but could never afford one.

Damn. Realised my picture makes me look really quite butch. Am going to change to something a bit more glam, lol.

hello :slight_smile:

Hello, greets :slight_smile:

Plenty of ladies on this forum, it actually stood out for me when I joined.
I usually use technology and business forums, and those usually have no women, so this forum really is different :slight_smile:

from day 1 of me wanting a bike a bonnie is too wot i wanted but knowing then you needed 2 bikes as they were not the most reliable things to have 20 yrs ago, lol.
but yes as soon as i have the cash (which will be never at the moment) i will get a bonnie.

if your into the rocker thing get over to tonup london, good bunch of lads and regularly p1ssing it up at the ace and other places.
if ya cant find it pm and i will find the link.

Hi And Welcome :smiley:

Hi and welcome to LB

LOL - I heard all the unreliability stuff, too. From my own experience, though, mine has been absolutely great in the 18 months I’ve had her. Apart from needing a new footrest 'cos she fell over when I parked her over a hole (doh!), I’ve needed nothing except the recommended servicing and some new back brake pads …

yes but i am assuming you have a new model boonie not 1 for the 60s/70s, thats wot i meant, when first got inot bikng was about 20 yrs ago so only had the old triumphs etc to deal with.